About us


We make the best chaat in town

At Akash Chaat House, we’re street food superfans—the snacks, the chaat, the works! Each chutney, golgappa, chaat papri is handmade, by our very own chefs/karigars using techniques that are a closely guarded secret of street vendors, honed over years of experience. We want your search for true-blue regional Indian street food to end with us.

We put the street back in the food. Akash Chaat House is all about a taste that’s authentic to the place it’s from. The textures, the ingredients, the character. All as homegrown as the people
who love it. Timeless favorites made contemporary. The taste will remind you of home. But first, it’ll remind you of the streets you grew up on. Nostalgia, fried and sautéed.”